Aztec Codes

A Aztec Code is a two-dimensional image that stores some kind of information that can be machine read. 2-dimensional machine readable codes are being used by the worlds most forward thinking companies to bring increased profits to their businesses.

We can generate Aztec Codes for your business. A code can contain up to 960 characters, but the fewer the better for fast reading.
We charge £10 for a one-off code generation. For this we provide you with five different size codes, so you are free to use them on the web, on your business stationary - however you wish.

eg. Aztec Code Generator    Aztec Code Generator    Aztec Code Generator     Aztec Code Generator     Aztec Code Generator

£10.00 ex VAT (0.2)
Production of a Aztec Code (5 sizes) to contain text to be provided (max 960 chars)
Scan the following with your mobile phone for fast Scan2Buy:

(click here to enlarge)
Q) Have you got a mobile phone with a camera, but no barcode reading support?
A) Point your mobile phone web browser at:

After purchase you will be sent an email asking for the text you wish to be turned into the Aztec Code.
We will then generate the Aztec Code as 5 .gif files and send them to you as attachments on a return email.

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