Training Course - MySQL for Beginners, Vilnius

Databases are commonly used in businesses, and are nothing to fear. Virtually every business has a Till (with list of financial transactions / orders) or a list of Clients.

The greater your skills, the more valuable you are to your employer. Employees get paid their worth, so investment in your skill-set directly leads to greater salary.

In this course you will learn about and gain hands-on experience with MySQL and the SQL (Structured Query Language) in general (ISO/IEC 9075).

You will learn about how to:

  • Design a Database
  • Create Tables
  • Modify and delete Tables
  • Add records, modify and delete Records
  • Learn about Data Types
  • Finding records in a database
  • Joining information across databases and tables
  • Creating Views, Aliases, and Virtual fields
  • Learn about Triggers
  • Learn about Events
  • Learn about Functions
  • Learn about Procedures
  • How to backup a database
  • Learn about Storage Engines

Each week there is a two-hour class consisting of 50 minutes training, 20 minutes break, then 50 minutes hands-on with your mentor present. Each week there is an exercise set for you to do during that week (optional). You will have the personal mobile phone number of your tutor to call should you have any questions during your "homework exercise".

At the end of the course you will have the confidence to create and manage MySQL databases for your business.

We offer:

  • in-house training sessions for one or a small group of your employees
  • one-to-one private tuition classes
  • small private group tuition classes of 10-16 students

Call any time: +370 683 77 590 (Lithuania)

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Vilnius Training Course - MySQL for Beginners
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